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Designer Skin PURPLE REIGN Bronzer Tanning Lotion – 8 oz.

Aloe Vera/Bronzer/Silicone
Bronze color fit for a princess! A royal blend of DHA bronzers and dark tanning accelerators with a touch of silicone will have them bowing down in your presence. Only the best for your highness!

Product Features

  • Imperial Dark Bronzer

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Josh "JAC" says:

Let it Reign I am always on the hunt for a new indoor tanning lotion, so I tend to buy several different brands per year. I cannot say that I saw a drastic change in skin color, but I did notice a slight difference. The thing I like the most about this particular lotion is the scent and the feel of it. The scent is pleasant and very clean and it does not give you that “tanning bed skin” smell afterward. It isn’t as greasy as other lotions I have tried either. It does not leave you feeling slimy and…

JenniferS says:

Fabulous 0

ceh09 says:


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