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Dominos vs Pizza Hut


kcloud says:

If the two joined forces, they could rule the world.

Hchammer says:

and then the Little Ceasers guy across the street takes them both out with a single bullet

kelstar532730 says:

Tbh, both pizza hut and dominos take aways are terrible.

kcloud says:

You should have made them fight to the death.

RedPandaSayAHHH says:


Christx30 says:

Dominos has messed my order the last 2 times I ordered from them. Too bad they are the only place that delivers to my house.

mikecapro says:

dominos sauce taste like bbq, and that ain’t right

seromba says:

Have you tried the handmade crust pizza?? oh god I’m salivating as we speak

seromba says:

i meant “handmade pan pizza”

TheGreatCO says:

I hope none of you live in the NY/NJ area, because if so, you need to expand your pallet to actual pizza.

Longtimewatcherfirsttimewritingblahblahblahblah says:

That’s a load of bollocks. I was a British student when I was at Domino’s. If you pay cash and don’t actually make sure there is a tip

Longtimewatcherfirsttimewritingblahblahblahblah says:

you are in the minority and frankly if you can’t afford the tip you can’t afford the pizza. Opinion of you just drooped to zero

Coryb3ar says:

Dominoes is like the McDonald’s of pizza

kingofthefriendzone says:

papa johns shows up starts sing with ambermae513

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