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Dust your plans off now


Tom Lupshu says:

Hey Joe,
You might get a lot of views in a little bit or tomorrow. I just shared
your video on my new facebook page Bunker Report. I got a lot of new
Preparedness minded people who will enjoy a lot of your videos I’m sure.
Good Video, Take Care.
Stay At The Ready…

XOurSimpleLifeX says:

Thank you pastor

long13hair says:

it would get so crazy . scary. good luck

Aggiesgigem says:

Are women equal to men on Shofar Mountain? Seem to be covered up


If I don’t see ya here, I’ll see ya there

GoodieMike says:

Lookie here, it’s a scaled down Jim Jones. 

Robert Blakely says:

i have a back up generator that runs on gas ;)

Greg Todd says:

Good reminder. Alway had a house fire plan. Guess I should make a few more
Have a Jesus filled day

MrRogueShark says:

First casualty of war is your plan lol! Good post, Pastor! 

Dāwîḏ AZ says:

Shalom Pastor, I definitely sensed “a kind of urgency” in your spirit on
this one. I shared this video with others in my circles ( all Torah
pursuant believers in Yahshua Ha’Mashiach out here in Arizona ). There are
a lot of things coming together “all at once” which leads me to believe we
are at the end of this thing. I am kind of a late comer to prepping but am
making inroads on my emergency supplies. Coordinating an emergency
“response” among the few of us out here is something we still need to do
and so I just sent out an email to the brothers on this. Yah Bless.

yeshuaservant7 says:

Good advice. Shalom.

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