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Entertainment is being used as a Weapon of Black Destruction !


Nycresistance says:
Che Gavara says:

Appreciate you KING!! Great Great Work!! Keep Bluesin’em!!

Blackatchaproduction says:

If “white” get offended then so be it. Its about time black ppl stop
throwing disclaimers out there. They never do it for us. If anything they
love to say “im sorry IF I have offended you”. Then they turn right around
and TELL US how we should feel about any and everything. They should take a
piece of their own advice and GET OVER IT

Gem Stealer says:

You are not rambling or sounding pathetic,…what Malcom X said about media
and newspapers….You are so on the point, thank you is all I can say.
Speaking power to power, straight. Peace.

plsod701 says:

This is so true fammm..Good post..

Hotshotter3000 says:

When I was a kid, my elder brother listened on end to Snoop Dog tapes.
There was a transformation of his personality like you wouldn’t believe. He
went from being a fairly clean mouth kid to someone pretending to be a
gansta with language that I have not heard before or since.

Yves Alexandre says:

This is medicine for a common sickness the unfortunate truth however, is
that a great many people particularly blacks will ignore symptoms and
refuse treatment until it is absolutely too late. 

Jason Stainkamp says:

Don’t blame white people or jews, blame the bankers, wankers and spies.
White is just a color, judaism is a religion, the money and the paper
pushers are the problem.

thetruth101 says:

you should have given a shout out to ice cube in gangsta rap made me do it
lots of parallels between gangsta rap and what its causing american culture
to do

lisa smith says:

great video!!

Jaz M says:

This brother is on point. 

Kory Johnson says:

This is a damn good video, NYC Resistance. You are only getting better with
time. I’m loving this. I talk about similar things in news paper articles
and on my blogsite, not to mention facebook.

This issue of destructive music and movies need to be brought up more.
Again, I’m glad you’re talking about this issue. Much love, brotha!!!

Damian Rork says:

Very powerful, and mostly 100

A long time ago I was fortunate to work for someone who was a Harvard Grad
and more important would share with me a lot of what he learned. He
directed me to a book called ” As a man thinketh” by James Allen also ” The
power of your subconscious mind” by Dr Joseph Murphy, lastly ” Psycho
Cybernetics” by Dr Maxwell Maltz

Reading those books was life changing for me.

I am relentless in screening the material that enters my mind as much as

Lastly, from the “streets”, literally, have slept on cold concrete South
Side Queens, NYC in winter, to “paid” post those books had me reflect not
just on certain types of rap lyrics I listened to, but also some of the
hard rock music lyrics I also had listened to, murder and mayhem glorified
as well.

That’s where (many other 1st hand real sh po-lice bs) I’m not convinced its
a race thing but more a power over people type thing. No doubt Bitch
Bloomberg and his people are racist, still there is an agenda being worked,
maybe it’s towards the ban guns play, followed by who knows what, for not
just Blacks, but Whites, Hispanics, Asians and on, as the “people” are
toast without guns.


Great follow up bruh bruh keep bangin. Not for nothing you gave me a vibe
to do my own lil joint: RULE #5 SHOW NO LOVE….


I applaud +Nycresistance for STANDING UP & Telling the TRUTH , THE TRUTH
about the evilness that (garbage & negative rap music is doing to Our
peoples please reshare this video.

BigDonLennon says:

Society is scary. Best you can do is teach your family positivity.
Apprieciate your channel for getting the word out 

bubblehashman says:

Tell ’em +Nycresistance .

Sankofa Alkebulan says:

Now this is what’s up? Nycresistance you touched on one of many forms of
Genocide of our people. Don’t be afraid to call them out. IT’S THE SO
CALLED JEWISH PEOPLE. Denzel said it but apologized. Not me!!! We call them
SMALL HATS. The Jews are behind all this madness. Go back in history and
look at all the corruption and chaos the fucking small hats started and
funded it. Check out my page Yo i have all kind information on them
bitches. That’s NYCPD work for. The Presidents, they are the illuminati. Go
look it up for your selfs. Stop saying They! They is in reference “the

Blackatchaproduction says:

It wasnt steven Spielberg. It was George Lucas who made the movie red
tails. You know the star wars guy with the black wife


Great follow up bruh bruh keep bangin. Not for nothing you gave me a vibe
to do my own lil joint: RULE #5 SHOW NO LOVE….

BoogyBabyNLT says:

These “rappers” are even selling the disrespect of black women and now we
have a generation of black women haters!

Rydah Rico says:

SAID WITH PERFECTION ! Degrades and separates us as people not just African
Americans , Latinos , Caucasians nor any other ethnicity , but THE PEOPLE ,
us as humans.


Rafi Diaz says:

I dont have a social network but i encouredge every one to post it on fb
twitter,think bout it its only way truth can be spread . Numbers add up. 

Hakim Crampton says:

A MUST SEE VIDEO! This is why it is essential to teach Hip Hop as a
literacy tool to educate in contrast to entertain. See my video LYRICS IN
MUSIC By Hakim Crampton after watching this important discussion.

WickedTuna77 says:

Wow….this is deep!!!

Eleanor Sanchez says:


Irritated Genie says:

I truly appreciate your presentation Brother. You educated us with very
well constructed and designed words and images without resorting to calling
us “N-words” or using profanity. I can show this to my children and also
be enlightened myself.

This is what Black men are supposed to be doing!

AfrikanInfo Section says:

This is your most masterful video to date.

Doc H. Martin says:

The guy said what it is. Everything he said is brought about people’s
conceit that what he thinks is the only that matters. People thinks fashion
only works if you have the latest but the truth is fashion is nothing but
overpriced RTW that has nothing to do with reality. Only people who are
ignorant and conceit about it fall for it.

No matter how they justify that kind of lifestyle, it will still come out
as ridiculous for the mere fact that you bought that stupidity and feel
strong about it. If someone feel insulted about what i said, please think
first. No matter how good you are at out bitching people up, it still
doesn’t mean it is right. The only good that come of it, is making it more

The key to happiness is not being part of all the superficial that tells us
materialism is good. The only good about it is to keep them rich to keep
you being not just feeling oppressed but literally to fund the oppression.
What else is there? Being ignorant, conceited and act tough will surely
keep you where you’re at. Be smart and be wise to admit that you are in the
Matrix. You can bet it is as real as it gets. So better stop telling
yourself you been smart by living that crap.

cvgeeps says:

Well said NYC but I fear it will fall on deaf ears but dont let that stop
you from speaking on this subject

PixelDansIronFist says:

Dead Prez was right, hip hop died a decade ago!

Brian B says:

Great video man, you put such great knowledge on you channel. And every
new video you put in you, it just make me want to help you more in
donating. This black media is straight up subliminal, and day by day it
these messages are slowly destroying black minds. Its madness!

Markus Henderson says:


systemicxdesing says:

Hitting it dead on..thumbs up.

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