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Evolution Or Photoshop?

Can you tell natural selection from somebody messing about with copy and paste? Featuring the Photoshop work of @QuebecTango.

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Kevin Renes/Robert Churchill/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

  1. 1. Dog-Eared Booby
  2. 2. Nudibranch
  3. 3. Red-Lipped Batfish
  4. 4. Hogg's Lurking Rock Frog
  5. 5. Piglet Squid
  6. 6. Cape Rain Frog
  7. 7. Red-Tipped Humble Penguin
  8. 8. Javanese Cat Monkey
  9. 9. Fawn Leaf-Nosed Bat
  10. 10. Giant Deep Sea Isopod
  11. 11. Rauni, aka the “Binary Fish”
  12. 12. Monkey Face Orchid
  13. 13. Mantis Orchid
  14. 14. Wallamau, aka the “Emperor Ant” or “Giant Ant”
  15. 15. Flapjack Octopus
  16. 16. Egyptian Jerboa
  17. 17. Billed Kapinaka
  18. 18. Persian Grape Spider
  19. 19. Hairy Frogfish
  20. 20. Ocean Sunfish
  21. 21. Dawes' Hermit Snail
  22. 22. Giant Pita Fish

Evolution Or Photoshop?

  1. You’re… you’re not very good at telling the natural world from Photoshop. This means you’re either easily taken in by fakes, or you’re naturally suspicious of animals.

  2. You’re pretty good at telling the natural world from Photoshop… but you could get better! Go and stare at some animals for a while (or alternatively look at some Photoshop tutorials on YouTube.)

  3. You’re pretty great at telling the natural world and Photoshop apart! You won’t be easily fooled the next time a Photoshopped animal tries to con you out of your savings.

  4. You’re brilliant at telling the natural world and Photoshop apart! You’re basically Charles Darwin. Go you!


Photo credits:All Photoshopped creations by @QuebecTango (more of this sort of thing at Red-Tipped Humble Penguin – Paula Bronstein/Getty Images/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed.Real things:Nudibranch – Klaus Stiefel on Flickr/Creative CommonsMonkey Face Orchid – Dave Bezaire & Susi Havens-Bezaire on Flickr/Creative CommonsDeep Sea Giant Isopod – NOAA Fisheries West Coast on Flickr/Creative CommonsHairy Frogfish – Buzz on Flickr/Creative CommonsCape Rain Frog – Abu Shawka/Wikipedia/Public DomainPiglet Squid – REX USA/Gary FlorinFlapjack Octopus – Dante Fenolio/Science Photo LibraryFawn Leaf-Nosed Bat – B. G. Thomson/Science Photo LibraryRed-Lipped Batfish – Reinhard Dirscherl, Visuals Unlimited/Science Photo LibraryEgyptian Jerboa – E.R.Degginger/Science Photo LibraryOcean Sunfish – Gregory Ochocki/Science Photo Library

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