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FACT TV at SXSW: Mobb Deep

FACT’s US team was at South By Southwest, with Chris Kelly, John Twells and Bryan McKay bringing you interviews with the best talent in town. Here’s Mobb Dee…

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breyden85 says:

look here.. Mobbdeep is one of the very few & influential groups that will
ever exist.. they are by far the most lyrically indepth individuals .. you
gotta really hear and listen to the music so you can appreciate the
creativeness these guys bring… 20yrs around proves that .. all the
bubblegum bullshitt rap nowadays is corny.wannabees. the days of buying an
album and owning that are over.. aint no body rushing shelves no more ..
and that is because there is no music worth buying when it can be easily
gotten on line then discarded like garbage.. but these group still makes
fans go out to that old corner record shop and cap the album.. . modp. live
on live long…

László Tormási says:

What is the name of the music that starts at 2:26?

Holocaustthree says:

Hav looks depressed

FACTmagazine says:

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