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Ferrying an Lamborghini across the river.


turdsandwitch says:


timschiebel says:



Noping a Lamborghini across the nope.

Graylinfaux says:

Yup, this has Clarkson written all over it.

solosysygy says:

You would not believe some of the stuff you see in the Middle East. Guys driving a new Mercedes sedan over sand dunes, just because . . .

MorallyCasual says:

They should have caulked it and floated it across.

IAmNicolasCage says:

They’re getting bolder with their challenges.

bl0odm1st says:

No you don’t

dittu says:

*a Lamborghini

falksalt says:

an anal grammar nazi

calvinx says:

Is there a picture of 5 minutes later?

diabLoDesignz says:

Top Gear USA

necr0s says:

I must need sleep. I legitimately sat here wondering what a Clarksoon was for a full minute.

Filled2Full says:


ItsMaximilian says:

“a” versus “an”, the battle continues.

BeigeNotBrown says:

So people who only speak one language don’t make mistakes?

AStainlessSteelRat says:

You misspelled “cost” as “worth”.

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