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Fighting the Walmart black-friday lines in Afghanistan.


Fronky says:

You can see the reflection of the photographer in the window on the left.

darthlancer says:

how do i know i can trust Insid?

PuffPuffPanda says:

I’d like to buy a letter E

Kysonjordan says:

Gotta be SF

NibblesCat says:

Absolutely legit

thaxted2imgur says:

I’m gonna MOB cause SM.

henriksen1 says:

Everybody should e-mail Sham and ask him does he stock buckets of steam.

henriksen1 says:

Oh and Cat Facts!

truthsayer says:

Walmart’s Legal Team: This.

moarkaboom says:

I hope Sham will enjoy cat facts!

Sunnie5274 says:

Forward Operating Base Shank. My boyfriend is there. The place is a shit hole.

Sunnie5274 says:

Too bad they woke you all up early for Black Friday

pervertryan says:

I totally thought I saw a Pikachu in there.

carlosspicyweener says:

I left my two year old there.

zbaerenlovesme says:

Just found out my husband has been here many times. OP, tell sham the soldiers at home like his new sign.

mrMarcus says:

How do you know that? Cite your source, please.

ravfar says:

You have a question? Ask Insid

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