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Fluffy jellybeans.


TheAwesomeCatLady says:

I’ll take 20 fluffy jellybeans.

solosunrise says:

Thank you caption

Matteown says:

Eat them obviously.

DickwaffleTheGreat says:

But you made them

TheAntVenom says:

Soon however, the cat will realize it has an army of little human killing soldiers. Run while you can.

bustyblonde says:


ddspill says:

Death came quickly.

SirAwesomeTheThird says:

I thought it was turds at first…

vorduul says:

A jellybean is a jellybean. See what flavor they are.

DeathDoctorTrafalgarLaw says:

Pussy flavor!

AguyonImgur says:

Now I wish my name was The Punchline.

edgykitty says:

My username is relevant!

whoviantrekkie says:

That cat is looking at the camera like it’s in an episode of “The Office”


Oh caption, my caption.

jayhawk1013 says:

Cute fluffy jellybeans, mama cat.

mimblewimble says:

It happens 🙂

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