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Found a new app. I will definitely agree to your terms.


RealDuva says:

– tl;dr

raoulduke25 says:

Shortest terms and conditions ever. Incidentally, also the easiest to understand.

ThinAsAStick says:

Yes, but what app is it?

zencornhopper says:

What is this app! I NEED IT!

kittensmakemesquee says:

Step 1: agree. Step 2: best friends. Step 4: profit.

johnyspot says:

So, what’s the app?

Windovertide says:


miguu says:

Suddenly: zombie apocalypse starts.

PeanutBuddha says:

*official Imgur app

MyPalmsSpaghettiKneesWeakArmsSpaghettiTheresVomitOnMySpaghetti says:

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, what’s app, come here often, Reddit-OP? Ok, I just wantedto know the app name.

UnoMaas says:

– there is no tl;dr, read it all.

miguu says:

Not much. You?

bmaximus says:


PeopleWhoLikeCuddleWolvesBlow says:

[ Disagree ]

SirAwesomeTheThird says:

Just for the terms…?

razokkull says:

According to Reddit, it’s “Bucket Meme Generator”.

johnyspot says:

I’m going to start asking people “What’s the up?” instead of “What’s up?”. Thanks! 😀

theseamonkeysstolemymoney says:

It’s pronounced “boo-kay”

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