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Fred The Godson on New York; Freestyles; Wanting to Work w/ Nas


CALICOTV301 says:


Mr.J1S says:

fred voice diff than the rest but he always trying to stack punchline and
metaphor ontop of metaphor instead of spacing it out. it be sounding hot
but its like just whole buncha slam dunks w/ no all around game. rememebr
that single he dropped that girl track that was just a drake rip off?


After that ice pick her knees line
I was like yup he underrated 

Kris Janvier says:

“even my pop fly. I hope you caught it”…… What does that line mean tho?
I don’t get it

cpressley57 says:

I fux wit Fred. Free the homie Beans tho. 

Mondelious Watkins says:


HipHopxKickz says:

This nigga Fred The Godson delivery is crazy good and all his mixtapes be
on point. Cant wait until his debut album is released bcuz we dont need
another Papoose situations lol waiting a decade for an LP naw mean.

Cindy Garcia says:

“If i wasn’t hungry I would’ve kept going” hahaha

cezz86 says:

Good rapper but should act like jay-z. Be original

Ronald Rollins says:

Great interview.

FlashBX says:

Fred the God! BX ALL DAY @FLASHBX u already know 

Aleks Moro says:

Raaper big pooh has the same albulm tittle

Kelvin Dunn says:

Word play is retarded…. Boy nice 

excusemyG says:

mixtape FIYAH…on mommas

robkamanda says:

Jack…. This Audio Bootey Sonn…..

4raxx20 says:

I normally don’t really fuck wit FTG but this interview & the last ones
have been funny AF hahah

D25700 says:

now!!!! edit hat shit out ahahaha

3s3lilj0k3r says:

” i cant work under these conditions” … lmao

fonzy1987hh says:

would have been interesting if beenz bumped into Nas since they had the
their little beef 

let6me1gun7it says:

Fred the God the best rapper

ellis smith says:

speaking of nas! get that nigga on thisis50 young jack

mondo clapper says:


platnum960 says:

You let Beans make you late for Nas?! LMAO

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