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Gentrification: Its Causes & Effects


LMint says:

The cities largest institutions are non-profits who pay no tax. No surprise
a city manager can’t get much done. They need outside investment where it
counts, and that’s not meaning tax free waterfront development segregated
from the city. 

annie46664 says:

Dear folks of NEWBURGH … PRAY TO GOD for WISDOM to steer clear of ALL of
these disgusting brothels!!! PLEASE PEOPLE … stay away from these
insidious CESSPOOLS ~ they are CRIMINALS DELUXE & laughing every time
anyone of you invests a single penny towards their sheer insatiable GREED &
opulence! Don’t fall for these SICK, INSANE, EVIL BA$TARDS ~ only hellbent
on YOUR MONEY! ‘Preachers (Pimps) Of L.A: Dietrich Haddon, Money Hungry
Tactics, & The Gullibility Of The Church’ /watch?v=JqoDYoqsnEI

lemmieatit says:

It is happening in Brooklyn and Harlem. The pace of the gentirification is
amazing; as more whites move in, more Blacks move out. The rents increase
significantly from one house to the next. Houses in Fort Green are now at
$3.5 million per brownstone. 2 bedrooms rents are averaging $3, 200.
Welfare and public housing will be the next to go

annie46664 says:

only the USA BTW) /watch?v=4hHOfLcaxiQ Tragically, here in SA, they also
hand out Ritalin like Smarties, but naturally, only the White, Indian &
affluent Black children can afford them … so they poison & dumb down the
balance of the Black kids with lethal, hugely toxic ARVs!!! Even more
deadly in my opinion, given that they’re cancer chemotherapy meds!!! When
is enough, enough with those ba$tards??? ~KwaZULU Natal~ 🙁

DeNeice Kenehan says:

This was posted–then removed–as “The Most Dangerous City in NY” I sure
will NOT be supporting HIllary. She is all about money and power, despite
the fluff on the outside.

InsideOut PTV says:

apologies, I had to re-upload because of a technical issue. Thank you for
your comments Annie46664.

annie46664 says:

You must’ve just re-uploaded this! AWE! Now my pertinent, honest comments
are obviously lost. 🙁 Basically, I wanted to know what Obama, GW Bush &
their massive entourage are blinking well doing here in Africa, supposedly
handing out USA tax payers hard-earned money, when that money + all the
million$ wasted on weapons to arm filthy terrorists abroad, clearly ought
to be invested in righting their very own evil wrongs on their very own
doorsteps first & foremost!!! They’re here to CULL Africans!

Christopher Hartly Holte says:

Thanks for posting this. Hilaries decision to support a Republican mayor
was a power decision, and this sort of insiderism is corruption.

annie46664 says:

Dear Susan … it would be a good idea to AT LEAST include this city’s name
under your description. Anything would be better than NOTHING. Even in your
title. 🙂 ~KwaZULU Natal ~ South Africa~

DeNeice Kenehan says:

Yes, I was looking for information about Newburgh and this video came up as
“The Most Dangerous City in NY”….but it had been REMOVED. I was
interested enough in what I thought was there to sleuth it down. Excellent

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