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Gentrification of Baltimore’s Middle East – Marisela Gomez on Reality Asserts Itself (3/4)


Majoofi says:

part of the problem is that the powerful see the word “community” as
meaning “real estate”

BrotherWoody1 says:

Everything bad is always placed on the backs of the poor.

ebony isis says:

It all comes down to the almighty dollar. When will black folks stop
looking to the powers that be to “let” them in and realize that WE need to
stick together and look out for each other. 

Kepler says:

Gomez proves that justice is a very earthly an tangible thing. But besides
– when you see the pictures of these old buildings from abroad it seems
that there with restoration could come an absolutely wonderful town out of
How come that the americans always destroys every trace of their own

wuuspigs says:

Omar!! It’s Omar yo!!

Charles Hollingsworth says:

I’m a resident of the DC Metropolitan area, and I suspect the issue of
gentrification is happening at a higher rate here than in Baltimore.

Frankly I’m all for it, and I say that as an African-American liberal
Democrat. Society is reaching its threshold for tolerating this pervasive
culture of violence by many of the residents from these broken communities.
Incidentally, I fully acknowledge the historical disadvantage that
African-Americans have inherited.

But after decades of postulating solutions to rehabilitate poor
African-American communities, results have been largely ineffective.
Incalculable sums of money have been poured into African-American
communities from both public and private sources, yet the status quo

There comes a point when people’s sense of charity gets exhausted, and
that’s what’s happening today.

Jason Stephens says:

Replace John Hopkins and Baltimore with University of Chicago and south
side of Chicago…same story

Sleepydog says:

If i want to support this show and the one where Hedges is on, is it
Baltimore i should pick in the donations page?

Julia Riber Pitt says:

Today Bmore is practically a feudal city, with JHU and JHH as the lords.
They keep buying up more property and displacing the residents. Those empty
buildings need to be common property rather than absenteely-owned.

Geoff Heisenberg says:

This is practically ethnic cleansing.

wmyl says:

I basically agree with the ideas in this interview, but it is incomplete.

Todd Clay says:

Driving out the undesirables using the newly manipulated eminent domain

LendMeYourHand says:

You are too propaganda driven and have your own personal agenda….

EwE Whisperer says:

But non white hoods are awesome, ask all the bigots out to re brown
America. You made your non white bed now lie in it.
What do all liberal hoods have in common? People flee from them like
they’re fleeing from hell itself.
Years and years of white disenfranchisement and no liberal outcry, i feel
no mercy for what replaced white America. You made the 3rd world
conditions enjoy them
, don’t import creepy crackers to fix it… Besides any cracker with a I.Q
higher than 3 digits will avoid the knock out game like the plaque. Funny
to listen to people screaming about the way the system works, just because
whites are going extinct it in no way means society gets fixed. Now that
whitey’s gone you want to fix the system that created your modern non white
world? Screw that embrace the disenfranchisement and enjoy it lol.
Some whites of old used to sound like this lady. All crying about how
their hoods resembled mayberry and now they’re sodom and gomhorra. But they
where evil people trying to better the lives of their own, that’s racist.
Just like this chick

Mr. Midshipman says:

Happiness is a state of mind. The property owners get more then their land
is worth. Those properties were condemned, in a state of disrepair. Gomez
is suffering from Delusional dysfunction. Its a disease, and if you listen,
you’ll get it to. Its a gift, now move back to South America and your own
people. Stop being a racist.

Rickugg says:

When the crime goes up and the working people move out to keep what they
have. You have another Detroit. When you have a town full on non working
people on welfare the town will die. People want to live in crime free
places with good jobs.

Daniel Cavazos says:

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