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Ginny Weasley has grown up a lot.. Bonnie Wright.


miguu says:

Actually she hasn’t changed a bit from the Deathly Hallows.

miguu says:

Sorry guys, she’s engaged.

RuchenUchen says:

Yer a pimp ‘arry

tillyman123 says:

Is your name from game of thrones?

ayebrows says:

Right there with you, man.

StelFury says:

Underage? She’s 21. By British law she’s been legal since The Order of the Phoenix (5 years ago)

StelFury says:

She is not 13 in this picture.

Megatron91 says:

I’d like to show her my everwand….

fox704 says:

Very much so. Thanks.

ChokeOnADickAndDie says:

So I guess Harry didn’t get screwed over then.

Kinslayer2040 says:

She should get all the attention and internet worship. Not Emma.

overfedlonghairedleapinggnome says:

Bonnie wins.

vegansuperpowers says:


BurgerWolf says:

“open in new tab and…” *zip*

sparkymcboomboom says:

I’m actually okay with that. She was dead awful as Ginny. Her face, while gorgeous, makes me angry.

bjabujz says:

As a straight female, I’m jealous. I want her face. She’s perfect. Why can’t I look like that. *cue envy followed by sadness*

divadrea says:

well sure but for the love of god…READ THEM

Tuffelkeks says:

I don’t like scarlett…

bonniejwalker says:

Yay! My name is Bonnie too!

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