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Got to talking to an older gentleman sitting next to me at the airport; I told him I was going on a cruise for Christmas break and he said this in reply.


Uremyboyblue says:


thejermo says:

Today on things that didn’t happen…

Timberlin says:

Normandy is beautiful in winter

itsmabus says:

How did he get home?

BeerIsProofThatGodLovesUsAndWantsUsToBeHappy says:

I hope you immediately bought him as many shots of whiskey as he could handle.

Graylinfaux says:

I’ll take bullshit for 200 Alex.

stinkiinki says:

I killed fiddy men. Tojo blew off my kneecaps though.

aRandomWolf says:

Plot twist: wasn’t during the war

NameChanger says:

I wish..

FlyingBryan76 says:

Bro do you even history?

ghamma says:

terrible cruise destination…

hoopyhoop says:

A supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again.

sjm127 says:

ohhhhhhhh stfu, let the boy DREAM!

applejackcrunch says:

“OP is a fucking liar yet again.”

ThomasMontgomeryHaverford says:

Why not? Millions of people visit and post on Imgur, presumably at least a few of them have done something as interesting.

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