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grocery stores breed communism


loungeking1 says:

Jon Stewart for president

atlienk says:

Seriously…why isn’t J. Stewart running this country?

ilosttoapathy says:

I don’t see a problem with that logic

observationalist says:

….no, he actually kind of missed the point, and his joke doesn’t make sense either.

MrPredator says:

Coming from John Stewart, it makes sense. Coming from a reporter on Fox News, this would be insane. Why I watch The Daily Show.

hinrichsen says:

If I elected a tea party candidate to burn the store down and they come back and say “Hey I didn’t burn the store down”… YOU HAD ONE JOB

ButThatsImpossible says:


nogoat23 says:


mrcheezle5487 says:

scam scam scam, we buy school supplies? I dont think that belongs on this list.

mrcheezle5487 says:

the health care problem, itll make it worse and more expinsive. and they are blocking it because its unconstitutional to mandate it 2/3

mrcheezle5487 says:

we wanted a option to opt out of it. we as in the people who dont want it, not the party, because Im not party of either the repubs or dems

Gangstatron says:

Hey Mike Lee? Fuck you moron!

fairybuster555 says:

Burned it like a boss

hsalceht says:

how do u post vids on imgur gallery? k

Drexsane says:

scapegoat would imply they did nothen wrong when they did a lot wrong

Drexsane says:

hell hes a hell lot smarter then the idiots who are in office

Drexsane says:

no the shutdown is painfully idiotic that fact we even have to talk about one painfully idiotic and if a comedian whose job it is (1)

Drexsane says:

to make jokes can see how stupit something that fucks over so many for no reason means its the dumest shit of all time. (2)

Drexsane says:

no cause the republicans cant just go i want milk eggs and bread and not give a shit about the other people in his house so no it doenst

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