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He can only manage to get one ear to stay up right now


JurassicParkour says:

Did someone say… WALK?

BigDickPodrick says:

I have the same problem. Really inconvenient as a human

SexySloth says:

Can I please please eat him.

Robvp says:

Neighbours dog is like that, she always has one ear up and the other down

wrthgdrver710 says:

Same thing happens to me

EveryOtherUsernameIsTaken33 says:

He’s picking up signals from dogfort

TimboSlice07 says:

my puppy was permanently like that

inkdropsonroses says:

what is wrong with you?

milk72 says:

look a dog version of Anna Kendrick


That’s what she said! (Yeah I replied to my own comment)

ChristopherNixon says:


Earthwormjimorthewin says:

i have a white shepherd too!!! he is 5 now but i remember that stage.

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