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Heh: Guess who was on the Cuba flight that Snowden ditched [pic]!/BrettLoGiurato/status/349135675729264640


Journalists live-tweeted photos and reports from the flight to Cuba that NSA leaker Edward Snowden was reportedly due to be on. Instead, journos were trapped on the flight with an empty seat. Or were they? You see, other Twitter users also spotted President Obama on the flight.!/TheRightWingM/status/349139943160946688!/DogTrainingU/status/349125561521672193

Speaking of Clint Eastwood and #Eastwooding!/CharlesCrawford/status/349132923993202688

That’s right: An @SnowdensSeat parody account has already taken off.

Twitter delivers! Again.


That was fast: @SnowdensSeat parody account takes off

Snort! ‘Best Rickroll ever?’ Snowden not on flight to Cuba; Journos live-tweet empty seat [pics]

Mockery gold: Empty chair becomes empty podium; ‘Where in the world is Jay Carney?’ [pics]

Reporter asks Obama about fiscal cliff; President Empty Chair: ‘We’re doing Christmas shopping’

Empty chair: Obama pledges to vacation more, because it’s ‘good for his soul’

NY Post front page sums up election with one empty chair photo; ‘All this office needs is a leader’

Monday is Empty Chair Day!

Pic: President Empty Chair meets with the White House Jobs Council

One thing Obama did build: #EmptyChairDay

AMC playing Clint Eastwood movies on #EmptyChairDay

Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy #EmptyChairDay!

Pull up a chair for the newest Internet craze: #Eastwooding

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