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Helping a Brutha out.


tailypo says:

This is turtley cute….yeah I’ve got nothin tonight

ngoziu says:

Turtles before Myrtles.

SpankMyHairyAss says:


CoeusDarksoul says:


overloadedcoffee says:

He had to move fast – the pizza was here.

coelacanths says:

I chuckled.

madrisimo7 says:

And indeed he lifts

ImSerManlyPower says:

Thats quite clever, they can‘t do it alone and they can die if they remain in that position for too long…just like the kamasutra hehehe

AnthonyNapkins says:

Turtles are like blondes- if they’re on their backs, they’re usually fucked

AnthonyNapkins says:

I like turtles

Iamtheonewholurks says:

Franklin could count by two’s and tie his shoes, he could zip zippers and button buttons. But he couldn’t handle his liquor.

dogerock says:

dude… hahaha!

RebelRAGS31 says:

Dude just roll with it

numinous says:

… you should be… pun-ished.

SantaCandyPadlockPeaceSpaceship says:

never skip head day

rilesburg says:

turtle neck save! jeez what’s with all the neck saves these days

Kravenhowl0 says:

Please show video and/or picture examples.

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