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He's trying so hard not to laugh


Sushikitten says:

Offering a banana to a black man!!!!? In some neighborhood that gets you Dead

NSAgent says:

This is stupid and makes me angry. That look at the end is the one you give when somebody tells a horrible joke and you want to be polite.

NSAgent says:

No man, its not you! This is my demon.

perlsucks says:

But this is racist when it happens in soccer.

jrob says:

I like how he’s all like “aww naww mang, dis cracka ain’t bringing a banana to a brother nah!”

hammerhead777 says:

@biggerthanboobs who made you repost policeman?

TokyoShenanigans says:

Really? Come on, be less petty.

Mikfly says:

Lately imgur is just video segments turned into segmented gifs. I feel like we took a step backwards.

TheSnarkyPhilosoraptor says:

I can’t remember a single repost that credited it make it to the front page. It’s always the plagiarized ones.

TheSnarkyPhilosoraptor says:

They need to credit it if they’re going to re use it. Not doing it is just being a point [insert noun here].

barelyretro says:

That is a sexy black man! But red is not his color.

peopledontrealizeyoucanchangeyournameonimgur says:

oh my god, so what? If he didn’t repost it, A LOT of people wouldn’t have seen it. You repost police need to get a damn life.

LordofHeart says:

But you see, OP provided a link to the video this is from, thusly s/he is instantly better.

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