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Hey, I wonder what this thing is, maybe – HOLY SHIT!!


SCVeetard says:

Premature sex

Pavdoesntcare says:

I regret this immediately.

alwaysdbear says:

well that escalated quickly

SkiingIsLife says:

Do your balls hang low…

IAlreadyReachedImguriteSoIDontCareAboutMyPointsAnymore says:

TIL squirrels forget to gravity when they get surprised

utrocket says:

The squirrel flew away like a popped balloon.

nukemall says:

The origin of flying squirrels…

Bieberslayer says:

Quit squirreling around.

lulusocc says:

Oh hey, it’s som- OH GOD!

mirroronmainst says:

water you doing squirrel?

randomcharacters6357 says:

Nom… nom… BOMB!!!

nyafuru says:

at the end of the gif : DO A BARREL ROLL

ActualMarine says:

It’s like the first time you have sex with that really hot girl.

MyNameIsNobody says:


AlphaMerica says:

Doesnt everyone do a double flip, axle, 180, double loop, triple sow cow when they get freaked out?

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