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I lick your nose


yaknowsllanos says:

(Insert post about the TV show in the background here and don’t mention actual post)

tenchin says:

Wha…. what are you watching?

iambowser says:

To those who were wondering, it’s tosh.0 on the TV. I remember that being shown a while back.

BrovakDjokovic says:

I see the programming effort on RoboCat has begun.

ShotgunBetty says:


ridlohman says:

I like the card!

facetheone says:

I feel like it’s from Jackie Brown where they are watching the video with all the chicks shooting guns

backwoodsbarbie says:

Dafuq is on tv? Mob Wives?

justrandell says:

Is that Nicki Minaj in on the television ?

chicago4789 says:

Loved how you timed taking this pic with a clip from Tosh.0 in the background

diamantina says:

Looks like Chyna. Remember her?

ButIBuildAThousandBridges says:


DonnerDinnerParty says:

Is this from “I Could Pee on This… and Other Poems About Cats”?

neolandrover says:

Hey! American Gladiator’s on TV

mysickcomments says:

GUYS its tosh.o. I remember this episode

roughlemayo says:

Its an episode of Tosh point O.

TheNASAUnicorn says:

I love Tosh.O! hahahahaha

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