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I miss this show so much


notalawyer says:

What show is this??

hotterthanthebottomofalaptop says:

What fucking show is this?!

oxymorin says:

God, I just want one more season. Thats all. I’m just so curious what they’d do with it

BromeoandJuliet says:


WeAreTheNSA says:

Sweet Lord Helix that zoom.

GreatBlackHope says:

he banged your mom… and said to try it… no? k.

heliohelio says:

what movie is this?

ffips says:

Filmed at John Abbott College in Montreal’s West Island

heliohelio says:

gracias 🙂

SirAwesomeTheSecond says:

Keep going I incest.

heliohelio says:

thanks 🙂

Thejusner says:

Such a good character.

MyNameIsNotCreative says:

Ah. I understand. Thanks for the clarification, friend!

MinotaurusRex says:


icouldntpickmyusernamesoimrantingtotheinternet says:

Wow I love this +1

wahllamaface says:

Thank you, I now know what I will be doing with my weekend.

ZexesX09 says:

Annnnnnnd now I have to go watch it again.

asagayman says:

Mmmm, blondes make my penis happy.

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