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I somehow miss this guy, he was so useful


jlopezvr7 says:

Right click, save as…

TheDev says:

Read the first one as “” Was confused as to why that was a necessity…

utopiaa says:

Yeah but.. how do we get black outlined white text?

hufflepuffpuffpassed says:

I’ve learned so much!

IfHavingALongUsernameIsCoolConsiderMeMilesDavis says:

It’s a bit late for this much information. Because I’m too lazy to fact check any of it.

flipperbaby says:

Dude, Good Advice Duck seems like something my grandmother would make if she was familiar with memes.

MrPlowYesThatsMyNameThatNameAgainIsMrPlow says:

Too many grocery bags: put them in a laundry basket? Really? What a genius idea…

Frostels says:

TIL… a lot.

HekuX says:

Awesome Duck is Awsome!

mremaknu says:

Instructions unclear, got my duck stuck in a ceiling fan

sepposeppo says:

That’s not a duck, it’s a mallard.

WantsTumblrDead says:

Hello youtube comment from 2 years ago.

JJJJ4 says:

That just sounds so gross. What if there’s bacteria on the outside of the egg? You’ve just transferred it to your pasta.

Mechular says:

gold bond duck

thehammerismypenis says:

It’s a lie! Don’t fall for it!

Veit says:

I’m allergic to gold bond. Life is hard sometimes.

JJJJ4 says:

Awww, you’re a special one aren’t ya?

snowden321 says:

What’s wrong with snails in the yard?

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