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I speak Irish


ceakay says:

“Two negatives can make a positive, but two positives can never make a negative.” “Yeah, right.”

InsertDisk2 says:

I feel like gif sets for stand up is appropriate as long as the gifs are the right length. So much of a performance is in gestures

EoghanHEigeartaigh says:

Bunch a GIF, Loving, Hating, BASTERDS!

WruceBaynetheManBat says:

Irish man. Explain plz?

narfnarfnarfnarfnarfnarfnarfnarfnarfnarf says:

You sound like an innercity dublin “How-ya jasus”

WruceBaynetheManBat says:

Haha, our tape actually broke during the aural. We had to stay in school a half hour longer -_-

WruceBaynetheManBat says:

Me? I live in Tipperary. 😛

curtSM4SH says:

It must be genetic. This is totally me, I’ve never set foot on Éire, but I’m a solid 60-75% irish.

ottowrote8 says:


FritzColburn says:

and the fact that people don’t know is what makes it funny 😉

squidbastard says:

I avoid those I don’t like or am straight up terrible to them, nice to people I don’t know, and mean in a mostly playful way to buddies.

CaptainQuiz says:

New Mexico = West West Ireland?

grufflesia says:

actually I was drunk. take it in stride, you drunk paddy bastard

yeasowhatwannafightaboutit says:

dating an irishman is something everyone should do. Incredibly romantic

ihateprettymucheveryoneonimgur says:

Reginald D. Hunter isn’t funny but I like him because he makes good, witty points. He’s interesting, but I never laugh at what he has to say

xkr73 says:

I’m from Wigan, and I can confirm this will work over here. Only before 11pm though, we’re too punchy after 11pm

merve912 says:

Belfast would be better kid… but im all up for a few swallys in the name of imgur 😀

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