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If he was really “man's best friend”, he would have chipped in for some garlic knots. Freeloader.


gifittomebaby says:


420YoloMcSwaggins says:

You gonna eat that?

Moosecock says:

Worlds biggest pizza or worlds smallest pug

Zephron says:

Your dog is a magician: leave a slice out for two seconds, POOF! It’s gone!

Lyudmila says:

He pays you in derpiness and loyalty, dont ever forget that. Its the PUG life.

ForrestTrump says:

Yeah, what the jewnugget are those?

Sissyfuss says:

Now I want garlic stuffed olives…

AlfredItchcock says:

Garlic flavored balloon knots

sprocketdog says:

Careful op! Onions and garlic aren’t too good for puppy dogs! Too much can make them sick

MrPredator says:

Blurry, but my dog is eying my pizza crusts.

ciochedicoefalso says:

That would not be extravirgin. EVO oil is quite a common abbreviation.

p3nis says:

Should be easy to find

euridice811 says:

My experiences has been of butter substitute, not olive oil, but okay.

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