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I'll always need you guys


PCmasterace says:

this kind of works for anything online.

resucunnered says:

If this was accurate they would all be at least 10 st. heavier. Just saying…

grufflesia says:

how come you guys never call me?

SomeoneStoleTheUsernameIWantSoIHaveToGoWithThisOne says:

ron, draco, hermione & harry – just thinking ~

BoobsAndPussy says:

until the repost police and the grammar nazi’s are coming

donttouchmepls says:

My best and closest friends in my life are people I have met online. Me and my best friend met 12 years ago on a chatroom. Love him <3

bbbslayer says:

Or Turned into a dog/human and then being controlled by an heir controlled by a batterwitch

switchrow says:

People on the net as one.

Pyrollamasteak says:

But which one’s pants are unzipped?

thesalami says:

I’m sorry, but I’m not your friend.

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