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I'm taking a freshman seminar called “Modern Science Fiction Cinema” and this is the list of required films.


Meowlena says:

Why am I not taking this class?!

lookapopsiclestand says:

where do you go? ill be transferring there

HannibalMontanibal says:

+1 for Moon, -1 for no MST3K

FaxCelestis says:

Why was this not offered at my school?!

seahope says:

as a recent college graduate now withering away at a 9-5 office job:

EyeballKid says:

*hits the “popcorn” button on the microwave.*

dogpeople says:

+1 for Eternal sunshine of spotless mind.

RankNFile says:

“However if this is problematic please let me know.” What!? Awesome prof. Good luck in your awesome class, you lucky bastard!

tehflan says:

This is a good class. I want this class. I can pretend to be a freshman.

bbeck says:

I’ve already completed this class.

seahope says:

(i’m “lucky” to even have a job, i know, i know.)

thatgguy says:

better keep your bingo card ready, this could be a good one

CherylCarolCristalCorinaCherlene says:

Wonderful. So wonderful.

IRGhost says:

The only problem i can see is that you need LOTS of chips, dip, soda, a 60″ plasma tv and a nice THX soundsystem.

tikbalag says:

I like how the teacher had to put a disclaimer, that they are easily available by various legal means.

Doomy22 says:

TIL: The Matrix is fiction

wahle509 says:

Eternal Sunshine of the Potless Mind

TheOneThatGotAway says:

What is the name of your school? ‘South Harmon Institute of Technology’?

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