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Its a good menu


haywire1313 says:

Giannas great to watch in videos… but that laugh…

NoItsACardiganButThanksForNoticing says:

you obviously have not met my girlfriend. She’s Asian though, that explains a lot

damnthelamb says:

Well this is the most uninteresting post of the day

houseMD says:

Yeah, but once he busts his nut, it’s gonna get flaccid and then you’ll end up with overnight concentrated urine in your face.

Skarlottt says:

sheesh…I didn’t mean to upset you. peace

Skarlottt says:

I get it.

Dan7140 says:

She isn’t alive any more.

retsaoter says:

Too bad King Arthur is fictional, like your dick.

rb1685 says:

New meme: Randy Roxanne

CaptinHavoc says:

Jealousy begins to swell up within me

baronridiculous says:

Yeah, she always looks bored and kind of unhappy.

MagnustheJust says:

No clue who she is, or why I should care….

baronridiculous says:

I saw a couple of her bang bros clips, she looked sort of grim and just-get-through-it. Kind of hard and violent, but not happy.

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