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‘Julia’ hits FreePAC Illinois … with a little help from Dana Loesch!/AmeliaHammy/status/261970057897324544

Hundreds of conservative happy warriors gathered at FreePAC Illinois yesterday for grassroots training and an evening rally. Well … conservative happy warriors and one faceless, voiceless composite woman named Julia.

This frightened me. RT @fingersmalloy: Julia makes an appearance at #Freepac #tcot

— SmoosieQ (@SmoosieQ) October 26, 2012

Oh this #Julia thing at #FreePAC is mega creepy.

— Leah(@gopfirecracker) October 26, 2012

“Julia” joined FreedomWorks’ Kristina Ribali on stage, but she didn’t have much to say as Ribali narrated “The Life of Julia.” That’s what happens when Team Obama doesn’t give you a mouth.

The Life of Julia as narrated by @kristinaribali with the real Julia on stage !…

— Bill Lichter (@WI4Palin) October 26, 2012

Click the link in the previous tweet for a video clip.

Eventually, “Julia” was revealed to be conservative activist and radio host Dana Loesch, the very antithesis of Julia and her love of cradle-to-grave enslavement by Big Daddy Government.

And… #Julia is revealed to be @dloesch who interrupts the Julia presentation to say, “Seriously!! Who lives like that?!” #FreePAC

— Bobbi Rohrberg (@BobbiJoR) October 26, 2012

@dloesch as the Real Julia as introduced by @kristinaribali…

— Bill Lichter (@WI4Palin) October 26, 2012

Liberals like their women like #Julia: Faceless and voiceless. ~ @dloesch speaking at#FreePAC

— Bobbi Rohrberg (@BobbiJoR) October 26, 2012

Reminder: This is how President Lady Parts views women.

One of my Halloween costumes. #freepac #Julia

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) October 27, 2012

If you missed @dloesch as #Julia at @freepac here is a picture. Watch the program again later. LOL…

— Christoph Von Lösch (@ChrisLoesch) October 26, 2012

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