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Kanye West Signs Nike Yeezy 2 Red Octobers & Louis Vuitton Dons At Final Yeezus Show Last Night



That’s really pimp of u for putting ur music on sound cloud for free, 


Crazy how the person who got their Dons signed is one of my close friends’

dollaz unboxing says:

I aint gonna lie bro im flipping the fuck outta dem…lol!!! dope podcast

heatforthefeet1234 says:

i wouldnt sell them unless i got offered around 40k! 

Zillas pickups says:

Yo so what if they were the Fakes but kanye signed them would they be worth
as much LOL

tommyap57 says:

Not the biggest fan but I would keep them. 

eseterik78 says:

Sean Penn breaks someone’s camera and he’s awesome and people forget pretty
Kanye does it and he’s an angry black guy with a Henny problem.

PAC- Islander 1 says:

Those shoes will sell for 50k gonna sell or top that even!!!

Ricari Logan says:

I’ll go on pawn stars and sell them to chumlee

da la says:

good podcast btw

Eddie Enriquez says:

Honestly Kanye didn’t black out.. I went to a concert of him a year after
he thing with Taylor Swift and he brought it up at the concert.. Honestly I
think he is a great musician but he’s an asshole and immature

Nick Bennett says:

Sell but not right away

23honest says:

hip hop is wack now

Chinchilla929 says:

He also signed a microphone. He gave it to a kid in my school named Rob.
Kim also Tweeted about it.

JDEliteAE says:

I am not a huge Kanye West fan so I will definitely sell since they go for
so much… But if it were someone I admire like Michael Jordan… I’d keep
for life.

ThePBallingTowsh says:

id keep them and rock em like you said an autograph is someones writing
nothing else. authographs are cool but its like they shouldnt be as much as
they are

nykid1989 says:

i would def keep them!!! no question

Samuel Ramirez says:

you know that shoe is gonna go crazy on price and first 

EliteSports24 says:

I’d sell them in a second. Easy money.

Marlon Ellis says:

I wonder what shoes Kanye was wearing in the pic.

Nick Cass says:

I GOT THE VIDEO ! I was there and he also signed a microphone

jfleuriscar says:

I was there, It was crazy man. He seemed like he was going all out since it
was his last concert. He let some girls meet Kim. But You can find a few
vids on my Instagram @jfleuriscar If you want.

blaze ramirez says:

What’s your Instagram?? 

anthony martinez says:

Those are going on the wall, I don’t buy nothing to sale, specially if he
signed them and I got proof, they will be priceless 

Rahsaan thomas says:

The hype is only gonna be there until his first Adidas shoe drops once they
come out Nike yeezy prices are gonna cliff dive 

Spvcely says:

50k ? You’re stupid .

Johnny Marquez says:

If those were my kicks, those sneakers will not see daylight. Ever. But
nice vid, you earned my sub

stewart s says:

strike while it hot, they ‘d be 1,000’s, turn around and get 30 other pairs

Patrick Rollins says:

sell em are you kidding hahahahah. The memories will still be there, just
get to cop some sick stuff!

DRU623 says:

This has shown me the good side of Kanye, I’d keep them In a glass case

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