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Kim Jong-un Fractured His Ankles By Wearing Shoes With Heels


The culprit responsible for Kim Jong-un’s ankle problems has been revealed to be the pair of Cuban heels he was wearing prior to the injuries.

It was reported earlier this week that the dictator had fractured both of his ankles, one after the other.

Jong-un fractured his right ankle while visiting factories and military sites and then the left when he refused to limit his movement despite the handicap.

And now an intelligence official has told South Korea’s Chosun Media that Jong-un may have avoided the injuries if it weren’t for his taste in shoes.

The official said that Jong-un was wearing Cuban heels while visiting military sites and factories over the summer, not the best choice for such laborious activity.

Aside from their sleek style, Kim may have also worn the heels to make himself look taller.

Kim’s father, late dictator Kim Jong-il, wore high-heeled shoes due to his famously low stature.

The Supreme Leader, however, is reasonably taller than his predecessor.

The ankle injuries are rumored to be far from the only health problems Jong-un is suffering, according to Chosun.

Many are speculating that his excessive eating and drinking habits have a role in the ankle injuries as well, possibly also causing something worse.

A North Korean government official told Chosun,

It’s unlikely that a young man like Kim Jong-un would have missed the Supreme People’s Assembly just because he has gout.

Kim has not made a public appearance in nearly a month.

A team of European doctors recently traveled to North Korea, further insinuating the urgency of the situation.

via Chosun, Photo Credit: Getty Images

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