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hiphopbookshop says:

OP had to make sure cyber webs didnt think he was gay.

OneDoesNotSimplyRockIntoMordor says:

It’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own!

danielson144 says:

lelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelele _User was banned for this post

hookerbot5000 says:

very amusing well said sir. Like a Sir!

riograndexile says:

That’s how it is so far, and because of that, GLBT couples get screwed over because they don’t have equal rights.

ComposedYannuts says:

i agree :/

JacobRyan says:

Read it in his voice

juliatx says:

Define “polygomy” and maybe I can answer you. If you mean “polygamy”, then I’m fine with it as long as all parties involved have consented.

dagorillaz says:

+1 can just hear his voice saying this

Ross905 says:

hahaha awesome!

ThisGirlLovesRox says:

If it’s really ugly fabric

Kiegz36 says:

the bottom says “have a gay day” lamo

stuy0 says:

I don’t agree with gay marriage, but find this very amusing. lol

james975 says:

hahahahaha nope they absolutely wont!hahahaha

h3lium says:

Ah, Project Runway. Teaching me about gay people since childhood. I LOVE THIS MAN.

MissFortune says:

That’s odd, I got onto this page and it already had my upvote. Suspicious!

spaceflavoredagenda says:


WackoWizard says:

yeah w/e i don use spellcheck. use deductive reasoning and youll figure it out.

wittleguyandi says:

Because the exclusivity you’re proposing is based on prejudice.

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