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Loaded Lux speaks on his start, the Calicoe battle, the state of NY Hip Hop and more on Pyrex TV


jersey809 says:

Lux will always be the G.O.A.T !!! there will never be another lux hes the
biggie of battle rap. Bless king 

April Jenkins says:

Bless king

jazzzz15 says:

double o said lux don’t want know work

Eric Rhymes says:

Anyone who refers to himself, or allows others to call him God is
automatically falling short. For Lux to be “God” is crazy, don’t get me
wrong he’s amazing but he had the worst URL choke in history. I understand
you want the money you earned, but keeping it off youtube is so greedy and
money hungry! Hollow is for the people and will expose Lux, I’m buying the
PPV to support Hollow not Lux. Hollow even said “Is your bread being longer
worth the fans being shorter?”

Reggie Milla says:

Loaded Lux, maaaaa nigga, not afraid to speak the truth about it. Real
niggas feed themselves and spoon-fed niggas gotta watch what they say about
errthing. You still gone get that WORK….

felled jones says:

LEGEND…cuz when we break down, EVERY ROUND..CLASSIC, ETERNAL BARS from

browsebot says:

If Lux and AyeVerb ever battle, niggas heads will explode.

UnderGround Idolz says:

Posted on UnderGroundIdolz[dot]com


Loaded Lux, Murda Mook, Dizaster , DNA, & Arsonal are my favorite battle
Rappers to watch battle


he is def a king big ups pyrex tv and dezert

iboy04 says:

Bless king!

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