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MA$E speaks on almost smacking J. Cole, actually getting paid from Diddy, and Camron situation

MA$E stops in Detroit to interview with Control Detroit’s own Bijou Star. During this interview he speaks about seeing J. Cole & almost smacking him, being t…

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Cole Chier says:

If your people in Detroit love you so much why have you not been there in
five years… And saying you do it for fun makes you sound dumb and
unprofessional. SMH


this wack meek mill lookin wanna be

BiG420ToMaTo420BuDs says:

How u go from Murda mase to this sellout bitch 

rODIUM says:

He should of knocked out J.Cole

Steve Williams says:

J.Cole would give his soft ass hands

Cole Chier says:

This guy is slow, I can’t even stand listening to him talk. He was so
boring and lame, nothing he said was amusing or funny at all. The repeats
of 1-2-1-2 and ho ho ho maybe me turn it off immediately. I’ve never even
heard of this dude, and he’s making jokes about leaving Detroit with jobs
and a blessing… WTF does this guy think he Jay-Z, cuz he sure as hell
acts like it.


Any man that let mase hit him.
Should be gay, and be mase new boy friend. Sense hes gay any way 

Rhyme Jones says:

Money talks …MA$E couldn’t rap for Jesus so now he gotta be back in the
press talkin about other people.

amos scott says:

Mase was probably never in the TRUTH, if he was he wouldn’t never went back
to leading people to Satan. He has to know he will be held at a greater
accountability, being a Pastor or as he calls himself and apostle. He is
serving two masters as Jesus said in the book of Matthew. It makes you
question if he ever was saved and born again or if he sold his soul 17yrs
ago for fame and fortune. GOD only knows. I pray for mase. But one thing I
know, without a shadow of a doubt, that God is NOT mocked, whatever a man
sows, that he shall also reap.

D Ned says:

By “different” he means “satanic”.

TheOriginalbeauty22 says:

In my opinion he still look good!!!

weefa head says:

Dude sucks ass he just sounds annoying as f***


she so dumb she didnt even shout out detail smh prolly dont even know who
he is even though he from detroit writing all the hits on the radio from
beyonce drnk in love to wayne to drake

C. Smith says:


Garner R Buckley III says:

aint you supposed to be a pastor????

asureshot says:

He had two hot albums plus Harlem World.

Kenneth Hill says:

Im To Old To Be Knocking LIGHTSKIN Nigga’s Out HILARIOUS!!!!


mASE still my nigg

tia hart says:

Still hot..
Those dimples tho..

Yahya Hussein says:

He smashed 

Gio Mira says:

Cam’ron stay recordin’ niggas’ conversations and shit. Do NOT holla at that
nigga over the phone, or you WILL be on the next album’s skit.

msladystarr says:

I used to have the biggest crush on mase back in the day …. he still
looks the same… that’s crazy!

Star Reacher says:

who fucked up his edge up?

Todd Grant says:

Pimp c put ma$e in his place an no coment was made from mase
Talkin bout he got beat up by by a nigga he tried he tried to pick up to
fuck gay ass nigga

Pike Dice'sLife says:

Ma$e is Spiritually shaky that’s how i know him, and nowadays you still
gets smash for talking shit, check facebook beef and other social media,
rappers are getting soft or what 

niccatine76 says:

Niggaz corny

GUY TV says:

j cole freestyle!! and new tracks on my playlist channel, appreciate it

thomas holmes says:

mase u aint smacking nobody shut up shiny suit man lol

isaac sanchez says:

Dude has the laziest voice

Bryant Oden says:

Say what you wanna say but Mase ain’t fall off with his style. Everytime I
see him, dude be clean as f**k. lol jewelry and all.

Ty Kendrick says:

What the hell. He sound like Cleveland Brown

Devin bear-re says:

damn, his teeth are fucked.

DtroytDave says:

Baby girl in the back got some STUPID titties

thetruthis9 says:

+amos scott you jesus freaks are what’s wrong with the world…go play with
your imaginary friend somewhere away from the interwebs…

Jorge Bravo says:

Mase is a joker clown……still sounds like a lil boy learning how to talk
but when he preaching the holy ghost make him talk like a grown

NaDaShE says:

*Sighs* I Agree That He Belongs In The “Picture” Of Original Hip Hop But He
Needs To Sit Down Somewhere. He Doesn’t Have It Anymore And J. Cole In No
Way Took A Shot At Him. So Stop . . .

jay alexander says:

Who is this annoying DJ?.. her voice is Super-Annoying, 100% FAKE 

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