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Magpul reaffirms plan to leave Colorado if magazine ban is signed into law!/Magpul_HQ/status/310357002431905792

In February, gun accessory manufacturer Magpul Industries announced it would leave Colorado if Democrats pushed through a ban on magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. The company told Gov. Hickenlooper and gun-grabbing Dems, “If you pass this, we will leave, and you will own it.”

On Saturday, Magpul thanked supporters and confirmed that the company is already working on “relocation of production assets.”

The fight against HB 1224 continues and will not be over until the until official vote count on Monday and the bill is actually signed into law by the Governor.

As we have previously stated, HB 1224, if signed into law will require us to move operations out of Colorado. This is a process that will take some organization/negotiation with potential new location(s).

Work on relocation of production assets has already started and as we move through various scenarios, we will be unable to comment on possible new locations or details of the move until decisions have been finalized.

Other states would be thrilled to have Magpul if the magazine ban passes its final vote on Monday and Hickenlooper signs it into law.

Yes @katyabram @jcmthe4th I invited both @magpul_hq and Beretta to consider relocating operations to the beautiful Cumberland Valley of PA

— Rep. Stephen Bloom (@RepBloom) March 9, 2013

@magpul_hq If you want to relocate Alabama would love to have you

— Tim Watters (@Watters3Tim) March 9, 2013

@magpul_hq Arkansas has a strong injection molding trained labor force. 😀

— Vibe (@VibeGuy77) March 9, 2013

@magpul_hq Liberals are an endangered species in Texas. You’ll always find a friend in the Lone Star State.

— Matt Musgrove (@MavsMatt) March 9, 2013

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