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Many believe Obama will not become involved in the Chicago Teachers Union strike!/TheJoshalos/status/247491178168213504

Through all of the outrage and public disgust at the Chicago Teachers Union strike, one very prominent Chicago voice has been, for the most part, silent on the issue. Many believe it would be politically toxic for President Obama to touch the issue.

And Obama says nothing. RT @politico: Chicago teachers union to continue strike:

— Reform Conservative (@ReformConserve) September 16, 2012

(Why no #Obama involvement) @jensoft1 – Good question. Maybe he thought it could be resolved locally. #CTU #Strike #Chicago

— FarragutNorth (@FarragutNorth) September 16, 2012

Obama won't touch this issue. “@foxnewsalert: BREAKING NEWS: Chicago to File Suit to Force End Teachers Strike

— Biker Guy (@GrodenBiker) September 17, 2012

Things are getting worse as the strike enters its second week.

Where do you stand Obama? –> “@BreakingNews: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says city will file lawsuit to force end of teachers strike – @AP

— Karl ‏ ن‏Kroshinsky (@KarlKroshinsky) September 17, 2012

Chicago teachers on strike = a freaking joke! Bring in all new ones plenty in Ohio w out work!!!! Isn't Obama from chi-town 🙂

— Sean Van Winkle (@CoachVanWinkle) September 17, 2012

In all likelihood, we will continue to hear nothing from Obama on this matter.

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