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Mass Stabbing @ Franklin High in Pittsburgh, Ft Hood Act-ive Shooter, Noah Film (Trinity Decoded)


Sugar Womack says:

I tried the date thing on my iPhone and it didn’t work?! Maybe they fixed
it when did tht info wars come out? 

mskm13th says:

There was a huge fight at one of the high schools, two days ago. Students
were showing up to take the state test. A crowd of female students started
fighting with A LOT of them having to be treated at the hospital for broken
fingers, arms, cuts, concussions and one of the females was being treated
for a back injury.

Before all of these Charter school takeovers this school had more class and
school spirit. Their test scores are very good so it is a big shock to the
city to hear of a fight taking place in one of its top schools(McDonogh

Kent Webb says:

Damn. Every week there’s another mall, school, government building, plane,
train, automobile, shooting, stabbing, HOAX. Just ignore these desperate
wankers. Their printing press is about to run out of ink.

Joshua Mitchell says:

how do you feel about the pope being seen worldwide in 3d in 18 days

LaceyThumpr says:

Good morning, Brilliantly done! It seems as though there are more and more
“live acting drills” than ever. I recall the video you made where there was
the dummy being rolled down the highway ON CAMERA by major MSM. Right In
the faces. As if it will continue because some people are just so
conditioned or controlled to see what’s never right in front of them. The
way you edit your videos is great. Who is the guy talking about the dog
sirius and number 23 and how these months and cities were built after
julius Caesar and why women love to shop at Macys. Who knew? Classic info..
I’ve seen him before but don’t know who he is. S/O to you and your crew
once again! Thank you 

mind9radio says:

Day 9 Month 4 Year 2014 simply add up 4+2+1+4=11 So yes 911 embed.
Good work fam

DaveCaresForYou says:

Offthehook I gotta talk to you bro. I have a lot of info for you that I
know you will connect and take to the next level

Travis Lewis says:

What channel’s did you get additional video. Would love to follow them.

Andrew Fourman says:

He fucking said actor! Right at the beginning, wtf?

knocternal51 says:

He said the actor is in custody

Justin Lueker says:

Hmmm.. 9/11 must of been a rare occasion with 4 black boxes being destroyed

Justin Lueker says:

DHS has been doing training in that area

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