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Meet hip hop’s favorite artist


msprecha says:

Wish I could pose for you. Your work is exquisitely soulful. 

djsidetrakt says:

an amazing artist!!! very intricate work, very nice !!

Grim Reaper says:

Good video, but this has nothing to do with hip hop. I thought the people
he was drawing were major hip hop figures, they’re literally just people
off the street. Also, change the background from the flower to something
more ambitious, like the scenes of war.

Martin Rayner says:

Curious. There was an earlier duplicate of this video on CNN that has now
been removed.

CartoonPhilosopher says:

This is the most decadent, disgusting, low grade thing I have ever seen.
Negro filth. 

theCORNER magazine says:

We have some of his work on our website and some more informations about
him. A great artist.

Daniel Patrick says:

Talented beyond belief, great job brother.

Jay Sun says:

Nice work !!

Link Rose says:

Wow He’s really good

OhFortunae says:

An insult to the European artists and the renaissance-aristocracy; a negro
copying our history and black washing our art through his F-art.

”Empowering” negroes as he says:
1:51 ”One of the greatest blessings as an F-artist, is to be able to wake
up every morning and to be able to change the agenda.”

John Lloyd Scharf says:

Why he chose the period he did makes no sense, but, then, I prefer the post
impressionist painters. 

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