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MRW when i have been uploading for 2 years and never noticed the “share into imgur gallery” button


noothgrush says:

You just thought we were mean, didn’t you?

ChemicalBurn1985 says:

Without randomly pushing buttons I would have done the same, as I just uploaded my first image a few minutes ago. Have an upper 😀

SubconsciousColours says:

Ok… I feel lame asking… Where is this button?

StrawHatWearingPirate says:

when you click an image in your profile gallery it should be there somewhere on the right

JDbeans says:

hahaha this is amazing!

ScandinavianRockstar says:

Go to an uploaded picture of yours and press the button beneath the social media buttons (upper right)

JDbeans says:

As if, I don’t have friends

StrawHatWearingPirate says:

i do say notice alot…

Shirax says:

Omg there is

JDbeans says:

best saturday ever

Rusty7s says:

Congratulations on finding the share button!

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