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My 4 year old: Just Pink PC Master Race Things


ExcelNinja says:


DTOM827 says:

It would have been a lot cheaper just to play with your daughter outside, but hey who wants a healthy child anyway.

Aproydtix says:

I fully support letting kids get to know technology, this is however a step too far.

ImDefinitelyNotALolicon says:

Looks like a prebuilt media computer, so I’m assuming it comes with a dualcore i3 processor.

synchronizinginbox says:

This sort of comment is so obnoxious and does nothing more than contribute to the shitty imgur hivemind. No.

DTOM827 says:

Yea because a 4yr old who likes to go outside definitely would want a computer over a play-set. The real world is just boring I guess.

FallopianSloth says:

Why indeed? Screen time is detrimental to young children’s development.

canadianbunnyeh says:

Why would a 4 y.o need her OWN computer ? You want her to end up on mail order bride?

synchronizinginbox says:

Well, what else did you expect me to say?

DTOM827 says:

Yea, fuck you nature!

wherearetheupvoteseveryoneelsegets says:

OMG?! A female that isn’t a blind, stupid, ignorant, zombie iFollower?! +1 parenting done mother fucking right, right here.

flamingflamingo says:

Making computing more accessible to 4 year olds can only help them get fatter.

ApawcalypseMeow says:

And with computer literacy, out goes the ability to hand write or have a proper attention span and in comes obesity weeeeeee

ApawcalypseMeow says:

Yes, but it also teaches these young kids to base their intellect around having technology, it becomes a crutch, it’s not a good thing.

ApawcalypseMeow says:

We’re raising a generation of people who can’t do basic math in their heads or can’t spell without spell check and have no attention span:(

ApawcalypseMeow says:

It also trains your brain to have a very short attention span. Computers move faster than life does.

AndyCraig says:

So, is her master race white? Part Asian? Is nobody going to talk about this?

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