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My biggest fear while swimming in the ocean.


DownVoteCats says:

So it’s not sharks or Cthulu?

beh2omyfriend says:

i hope u ain’t serious about that ^^

wthrfish says:

Don’t worry, he came right back!

kattpappan says:

Is, is he/she ok?

PteraRooster says:

I never knew I had to be afraid of this so thanks a lot

TheFreakAZoid says:

Davy Jones, formerly known as Cthulhu

ibrs69 says:

So you know where the beast ass ??

IDownvoteMyOwnCommentsBecauseTheyUsuallySuck says:

Why the heck doesn`t it say upvote and downvote? I can`t be sane and like this, but I want to upvote, so I guess I`m not sane.. +1 for scary

lurkingismymiddlename says:

October death count: Scuba Steve

thefacksoflife says:

I’ve never considered this, but thanks for now making me share with you this irrational fear.

LiTMac says:

You have been chosen by Cthulu.

DXBHobo says:

isn’t that a wave? i think the diver was too close to the pit of the wave and it happened to drag him with it.

Tkzz says:

Woah, what the shit happened there? :O

NerdsAreDominant says:

Yes and no. You watched two people die.

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