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My friend brushed his puppy.. I don't think Rico likes his new 'do.


IAmTheHighKingOfSkyrim says:

I like Rico’s new do

MollyButler says:

Rico looks cute in his new ‘do.

tenderpencils says:

Rico looks loco

DarthVaderwithaballoon says:

I feel judged.

walterpeck says:

Dog mullet? Doglet. Dullet?

Tinki says:

Rico Suave

MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:


theicklestone says:

“I will kill you last.”

AllTheUserNamesAreAlreadyTaken says:

“I will bring fluffy, adorable destruction to all you own.” — Rico

RussMaGuss says:


ProbablyNotMegatron says:

Worf Worf

inthemorning says:

Is this Putin?

Ditrites says:

It’s their tail that you have to worry about.

chelseamaybe says:

This is exactly what happens to my brown cocker, Elwood Blues, every time.

LMNOParis says:

How much you wanna bet he can throw a football over them mountains?

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