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My friend invited me over while puppy-sitting…


MoxRavager says:

Can I be invited too?

agirlonherperiod says:


ILoveTheMovieAnchorman says:

Pretty girl. Check. Puppies. Check. Hairy vagina. Check. See you on the front page.

LotsofLaughs006 says:

Step 1: have puppies while looking attractive.

TooSchool4Cool says:

You look like The jurrasic park girl

Spanked84 says:

Those puppies look like they just want to sleep.

alsoachosenusername says:

Really.. no-one yet.. wants to bang..

randomize14 says:

well you are hot

kittehsockz says:

Bad baby sitter.

AgentBlackJack says:


Aegman says:

Down voting since puppies of that age should not be handled like that. Study up and learn.

britishdilettantejimmyrustlerbutmostlyokguy says:

England here. What exactly defines a “bang”?

dudecrush says:

Something something bang something

champin says:

Step 1: Be attractive

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