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My new chocolate lab pup


WhatUpMyNinjas says:

Why are we getting an influx of dog posts on here?

FirstWorldAnarchist says:

He looks delicious.

WhatUpMyNinjas says:

Not saying it’s bad, btw. Just wondering why

analisforstupidsluts says:

I think I’m gonna steal him

Iambikecurious says:

You give that dog a hug right now.

hopethisisarelevantname says:


heresmynumbersocallmemaybe says:

Please sir, may I have an upvote?

WhatUpMyNinjas says:

Found the Korean.

DVSBSTrD says:

Because Valentine’s day is coming and single people have pets instead of girlfriends/boyfriends?

MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

I see you like dark chocolate.

MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

Wait wait wait. You work in a CHOCOLATE LAB and it has a PUPPY?

WhatUpMyNinjas says:


TheDoctorAndHisTrustyTardis says:

Is there a problem here sir?

figgernaggot69 says:

Dogs > Cats

WhatUpMyNinjas says:

Always been a dog person myself.

WhatUpMyNinjas says:


notashamedtobeaCHOCOHOLIC says:

Are you complaining? I love all of these dog posts!

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