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My sentiments exactly


bitty344 says:

This almost made me as happy as when Tyrion hit Joffrey

EdgarAllanPoo says:

Drink from your mother’s tap …. have a proper slap

yuppiehick says:

“Now slap me” (what little finger is thinking).

fireryone says:

Shut it or I make fly!

TheG18 says:

maybe he’s into that.

IamRonSwansonThatsRonRonBoBonBananaFanaFoFonFeeFiMoMonRon says:

Act like a bitch, get slapped like a bitch

ihopethisusernameiscool says:

this…this better make it

Jumpinjackieflash says:

Every mother of a teenager has wanted to do this. Every. Single.One.

norminator says:

What is it with the male kids on this show being irritating as fuck.

AdonisMcThunderCock says:

could someone make these into a single gif so I can save it rather than just favoriting?

IamRonSwansonThatsRonRonBoBonBananaFanaFoFonFeeFiMoMonRon says:

It be pretty cool if it did, it’s ever original, but it won’t… It will never escape the clutches of usersub… one of us, one of us

liamario says:

Combine them please

cjalex says:

Fake bitches talk shit, get hit,

liamario says:

You’re Welcome (I’ve combined them)-

babygodzirra says:

This is sweet, Robin had it coming.

LilGherkin says:

This made me so happy. Possibly the fastest I’ve ever hit the favorite button.

nohbdyhere says:


thetruebasterd says:

Oh brave Sir Robin ran away.

azazyel says:

She is a Stark after all.

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