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Mya Talks Cheating, Sexting Pics, Jealousy & More


Seth Brown says:

I love her so much. She’s so beautiful and down to Earth.

Her makeup and hair were on point too.

And that voice. So good. <3

Chigjuan Spartacus says:

She is extremely beautiful! She is classy and I hope that she blow up like
she should have year ago. Mya “this is your time”

npatz4ever says:

She looks better now than she did before. 

MsDanielleB1993 says:

I like Mya she appears to be a pretty laidback person. She is so pretty,
she’s aging well, and she still sounds great!

Lift1One says:

May is aging very well as her beauty and style becomes even more refined. 

Kelvin White says:

Damn she’s a keeper

verticalpower says:

Mya <3

Hasade O says:

my girls still got it!

Davee Jones says:

I clicked on this video to see if I still had a crush on her. Yup still do!

britbrat0193 says:

Mya is so beautiful! She been my #wcw since day 1. lol 

ewall says:

she is still fine as hell 

brittonboy86 says:

Damn I can’t take my eyes off her fine ass

mike black says:

Mya got thicker and more fine much u real woman 

Darrell Crawford says:

Damn so nice!

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