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Nas Performs You’re Da Man/Live At The BBQ (Live @ Illmatic 20th Anniversary in Washington D.C)


Michael Tate Jr says:

I love when he faked the crowd like he was going to start with a grin, then
kept moving

bklyncrook says:

I like how the conductor was feeling it.

Ryan C says:


Jeremia Morobe says:

And the legend lives on! NAS!

Shirley Toussaint says:

*Bopping my head* like it’s 1993… #Nas will always be that around the way
neighbor from Queens whom I’m proud of. He deserves the President’s medal
around his neck and sit up in the balcony for the distinguished Kennedy
Center Honors. This recognition needs to happen while Obama is still Prez
though, not sure if future presidents will understand his contribution to
hip-hop, lol. 

foreverflylove says:

post the whole concert please :)

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