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Nas – Rebel To America (Unreleased)


ran som says:

+FlowzTheRhythm sounds like the 2nd coming which was a blend itself of
different nas’ verses from the qb’s finest album

deucemndbndr says:

Jonny89718, check my postings on Nas-Rise and Fall, i was just telling this
dude, i think Rakim is the greatest but nas is the best lyricist…


mdr ouai c clair je sais pas si c’est un son officiel mais c’est un MISSILE
non déclaré ^^

jelloman17 says:

I got so many of his works but I know I dont’ have them all. At least over
200 songs and don’t even have 1/2 of his actual albums lol.

TheArabicJamesBrown says:

I think he is asking if anybody typed nas in google earth..he wants to know
what comes up when you type nas

FlowzTheRhythm says:

What is the real name of this song!!!! I cant find it any where! Is this a
mix? I mean this track is hot!

ThugLaw021 says:

Hey Brosco U Sucka-azz Fool..!!!

TheShaolinKid says:

Same beat as on Demain c’est loin from the french group IAM. All you should
listen to them, they’ve got a lot of sick songs.

Spoke040 says:

Beat -> IAM – Demain c’est loin

Eatmyshorts11 says:

Man why is everyone talkin about lil talent wayne, I come here so I can
forget about that fag, not have it thrown in my face. Y’all should just
chill and enjoy some real hip hop

bnreal800 says:

biggie was tight 2 now, u cant discount that, nas is nice but its debatable

TheArabicJamesBrown says:

@notts57 FUCK NO…Canibus is the greatest of all time..Big L is so 1
dimensional, hes a punchline rapper, and its immature punchlines at
that..Nas is miles ahead of him.

Semper Fidelis says:

@grummpynigga Ya man fuck lil wayne. lil wayne is a little bitch

Ariues says:

im tryin to get the niggaz whole collection. wish me bloody luck

I1iS0ME says:

@Eatmyshorts11 yo man… cuz they wanna b the people to have their comment
with the most thumbs up ‘know that they have been ‘liked’..mainstream
hate.. its wack nas the one n only

Brooklyn Levo says:


lyricalslonglost says:

your quality sucks ass too. everybody who wants HQ: watch?v=c3vbyQwVa0Y

Jeffrey Lucas says:

oh snap lol, my bad, i really do like nas i jus mistyped and didint kno
until you keyed me in, nah, nas is my fav, i got every trak ever 4 real no
lie, i sound soooo stupid but i do, he the best rapper alive i agree,oh
shit, i always mistype like that,lol

JesusCristo2002 says:

Who provided the production/produced this track?

Michael Ogunloye says:

Man!!!!I have trying find this song for a minute!!!Straight gangster!!

nhala1 says:


notts57 says:

@WestSideRunna213 Canibus? not even close man

notts57 says:

@WestSideRunna213 he’s a love or hate rapper, I’m not convinced, he
irritates me

chychy1 says:

so sick pupin hammers improper manners so sick omg

Jeffrey Lucas says:

nah really do like nas, i jus mistyped badly, for real,nas the illest i got
his whole discography, he the reason hiphop still alive, soldia boy kill
it, lol, but nah really i rap too so i totally understand nas’ lyrics, i
listened to him for a long time

TheArabicJamesBrown says:

@notts57 what do u mean not even close?!?!? its fucking obvious he has the
best lyrics and hes the most intellegent MC

Darcy forbesbox says:

that last verse is also on “every ghetto”

dukesara says:

I agree wit you 100%

kazam92 says:

meh thats wikipeida for you (where I found 3nd coming)

joe momma says:

nas spits fire on every verse… very consistent

JazzyRaps says:

That’s weird cuz the video description says this track is from the Nasty
Nas era… did Google Earth even exist back then?

karaibos says:

ca change de la merde de rap francais! c sur!

arthurleon1387 says:

This song is called “second coming” you can find it with better quality.
also, the beat is from a french track called “IAM – Demain c’est loin”

ThaRealERAQ says:

Fuck what the haters say this shit goes hard as motherfucker!

marcelo adorno says:

police got me under pressure

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