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No BLACKS Allowed: ‘Sun-Down Towns’ Still Exist in America


MrTheBeast says:

the evil south
these media clowns still think its the civil war
go walk in compton at night

adwaye says:

Sundown towns…. Its called Compton, Detroit, Chicago and Camden. Black
people are pathetic- begging for acceptance when you cant even walk around
in a black neighborhood after-hours.

I dare you to go to some of these towns after sundown and walk through
“small streets” LOL. They will kill your ass quick. When was the last time
the kKK or white people killed black folk, It happens every night in black
neighborhoods. Stop exporting responsibility- do for self!

fussellmuscle says:

Let’s see a white man walk through one of the wards in New Orleans during
the day, much less at night, a Chigaco project area, anywhere in Detroit
other than downtown, the south side of Memphis, and any other violent city
with a high black population

JovansJazz says:

Fam, Stop acting so fucking helpless all the time. Wow, a group of Inbreeds
doesn’t want you in their town, big fucking deal, Go at your own risk but I
advise you to take your burner with you, anyone gives you static, bury that
fucker and drive off laughing. We have Sun-Down hoods too ya know 

boots13100 says:

Its called Awareness hes telling us(Black people) where NOT to go, and what
can we do to fix it. Its not playing the victim, or being helpless, That
was my interpretation of this.

Ebizzill says:

tariq warned us about this years ago

TheGuerillapatriot says:

Man is she good looking. OK, so what tows do this exactly? 

politicalarticles says:
wayne johnson says:

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